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Landmark Resource Management is a multi-disciplinary consulting company that works with Indigenous communities, municipalities, industry, and all levels of government. Our team of qualified anthropologists , archaeologists, negotiators, technicians, and researchers are driven to provide Environmental, Social, and Governance solutions for our partners. Through a combination of experience and a diverse network of Associates, we solve problems, minimize project risk, and ensure shared value is created for all parties we work with.

Who We Are Landmark Resource Management
What We Do Landmark Resource Management

What We Do

As consultants, we are motivated to create positive social, environmental, and economic change through our work. With a strong focus on project management, research, cultural heritage resource management, and corporate consulting, we take on projects driven by the needs of Indigenous communities, the natural resource economy, and government bodies.

Core Values

Relationships Matter

Our greatest accomplishments come from strong, long-lasting relationships and an unparalleled reputation for personalized service.

Make a Difference

We are global citizens motivated by our passion for making positive environmental, social, and economic change through our work.

Rise to the Challenge

Our breadth of knowledge and attention to detail brings decisive, strategic, and tailored solutions for all our partners.

How We Succeed

At Landmark, we succeed by:

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