Health & Safety

At Landmark, we believe that ensuring the health and safety of our employees, contractors, and clients is a collective effort. Both in the office and in the communities we work in, we encourage communication and cooperation to promote safety.

As such, we are continually looking for ways to:

  • Prevent loss and injuries for staff, contractors, and clients.
  • Equip our employees with the knowledge to work safely anywhere.
  • Discuss health and safety best practices to adopt into our operations.

Through a comprehensive Safety Policy and Manual, we have implemented procedures to mitigate risk and avoid injuries. Additionally, employees are required to undergo renewed safety training upon hiring, or upon returning to work after an absence of three or more months. Employees at all levels are encouraged to demonstrate behaviour that promotes a safe and healthy workplace. Employees are also supported in exercising their right to refuse unsafe work, as well as to identify, stop, and report unsafe work that is occurring.

Landmark values all our employees, contractors, and clients and is proud to be a safety leader in our industry.

Indigenous Relations

At Landmark, we are continually working to foster a corporate culture grounded in trust, integrity, and respectful relationships with the Indigenous peoples and communities we work with.


Through meaningful engagement, we strive to find innovative ways to create shared value and build relationships founded on mutual respect and understanding. Landmark acknowledges that Indigenous peoples are self-determining with rights over their land, laws, and culture.


We are continually updating our Indigenous Relations Policy, and encourage employees and contractors to avoid making assumptions. We appreciate all of the relationships we have built over the years and are honoured to frequently have the opportunity to participate in community events.


Throughout all our work, we strive to align our corporate values with UNDRIP and the TRC Calls to Action; to incorporate Indigenous Relations into our operational practices; and to recognize the culture of our partners through social media and other publications.

GBA+ Action Plan

For the last several years, Landmark has been using our GBA+ Action Plan to improve diversity in our workplace. We acknowledge that gendered expectations exist in our field and may be a barrier for under-represented groups to enter our industry. As such, we are continually consulting internal and external stakeholders to find and remove barriers, create an inclusive working environment, and promote the value that diversity brings to our organization.


Next, we acknowledge that our business decisions can have far-reaching impacts on diverse groups of women, men, and people of all genders. To address this, we incorporate GBA+ methodologies into all projects and corporate decision-making processes in order to create a more unified and effective team at Landmark.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Landmark recognizes that effective quality systems are essential when providing professional services to our clients in today’s competitive marketplace. All employees, associates, and contractors working for Landmark are committed to providing great customer service and project deliverables.


All members of the Landmark team have the responsibility and organizational freedom to identify quality control problems, stop work, recommend solutions, and verify resolutions for such problems. All employees are assigned performance duties for project deliverables they are working on, and senior-level staff retain full responsibility for quality standards. In addition, they retain full responsibility for completing their projects in strict accordance with established quality control expectations at Landmark and our client’s specifications.


Landmark has established a Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) Policy, which has been developed in-house and is updated as required. This Policy is included in all project deliverables we produce, and signed by all involved parties for accountability and recognition purposes. Landmark team members comprise a diverse group of experienced professionals who bring their own talents to the company’s QA/QC program.