Working With Indigenous Communities


Landmark works closely with Indigenous communities and businesses in various regulatory, economic development, and community capacity building settings. Our work with Indigenous groups is based on the strong, long-lasting friendships we build and our ability to bring tangible benefits to the communities we serve.


Protecting cultural artifacts and areas is paramount to our work. As trained archaeologists and anthropologists, we work with community knowledge holders to undertake reviews and land evaluations with our partners, ensuring the proper management of heritage resources.


We recognize the importance of meaningful Indigenous participation in all areas of Canada’s economy. We empower our community partners by creating new opportunities for economic prosperity and shared value, establishing business partnerships, producing strategic plans, and overseeing employment programs.

GBA (+)

By conducting Gender-based Analysis(+) Assessments, we examine the potential impact of projects on communities while taking into account age, gender and other identity factors. Our assessments present communities with the opportunity to evaluate the economic and social benefits of projects, along with the risks through a gendered lens. These efforts result in more equitable outcomes for our partners and project proponents.

Grant Proposal

We are experienced in writing grant proposals for all levels of government, industry, and nonprofits. We fill capacity gaps with our partners to ensure funding and economic opportunities are not missed.

Impact Benefit

We provide support to Indigenous communities by assisting them to negotiate benefits and relationship agreements with industry and government. We are constantly pushing the level of engagement and scope of negotiations for our community partners to ensure they receive the best deal possible when negotiating for their community’s future.


Our studies help communities identify how industrial and public infrastructure projects affect what matters most to them. When conducting research, we go beyond assessing standard value components such as demographics and income by including data related to culture, language, gendered perspectives, and Indigenous rights.


With a team of experienced professionals, we help our partners develop policies, protocols, systems, priorities, and action plans. Working with leadership teams, administrative offices, and corporate groups, Landmark’s strategic plans are valued because they are practical, create accountability, and are actionable.

Rights & Title Research

With a team of expert researchers, we prepare comprehensive and detailed ethnohistorical reports for our partners. Our work is often used to assist communities with treaty negotiations, overlap disputes, strength of claim reports, litigation, and cultural projects.

Traditional Knowledge & Traditional Land Use

By working closely with community Elders and Knowledge Holders, Landmark studies assist our partners with assessing the impacts of industrial projects on their territory. Our reports are highly valued for their use during regulatory and negotiation settings. With a skilled team of project managers, anthropologists, historians, and researchers, we focus on information collection, community engagement, and capacity building to produce high-quality reports for the communities we work with.

Treaty Negotiation

Our skilled negotiators have experience at comprehensive claims, specific claims, and treaty land entitlement tables. We work hard for our partner communities to ensure the best possible outcomes when negotiating with federal, provincial, and territorial representatives.

Workshop Facilitation

We believe in building for the future, generating employment and financial prosperity for our partners. Our workshops create safe spaces to share, learn, and solve problems, both big and small.

Land Use Planning

We help communities develop Land Use Plans that lead to enhanced governance, authority, and stewardship for our partners. We are successful during the planning process because we listen carefully and avoid assumptions in order to develop tailored plans for reserve lands, fee-simple lands, and traditional territories.

GIS and Mapping

With a focus on community capacity building, we offer turn-key GIS and Mapping solutions for our partners. We offer support during Traditional Land Use studies, regulatory processes, land use planning, monitoring, and reclamation activities. Using modern software, access to government data sets, and industry records, we have developed proven community-focused research methodologies to provide our partners with the information they need to make informed decisions about their land base.

Referrals and Lands Office Support

Landmark supports Lands Offices and Natural Resources Departments in managing and responding to industry and government referrals. With a team of regulatory experts, we can assist by bringing extra capacity when major projects are proposed or manage day-to-day referral responses from start to finish by developing custom solutions.

G2G and Political Advisory Support

We support Government-to-Government (G2G) working group discussions and negotiations, including strategic and advisory support, mediation, and technical advice. Our diverse team assists G2G efforts from various angles, including inter-Nation, neighbouring Nations, and Federal and Provincial authorities. Our strategic and technical teams have demonstrated success for our clients in achieving internal political goals while navigating competing Government needs and priorities.

Working With Landmark Resource Management






Working With Landmark Resource Management

Expanding Our Influence

The size and scope of our expertise are continually expanding. With great community partners in British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon, and Northwest Territories, we are continually taking on new and exciting projects. As a pragmatic and relationship-based organization, our goal is to bridge the gap between Indigenous communities, resource developers, and government by finding innovative solutions to challenging problems.

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