Working With Government

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We support all levels of government by bringing together unique insights from the private sector and decades of experience working with Indigenous communities and industrial proponents across Canada. Our team helps governments develop and implement policy, make evidence-based decisions, and bring value to local and Indigenous communities impacted by industrial projects.


Our team of highly motivated archaeologists has a keen interest in uncovering and understanding the past. Respecting the heritage of resources ensures that we efficiently complete archaeological studies, including the ultimate protection of the resource. We uphold the heritage conservation legislation and work in our client's best interest; a challenge we consistently meet.

Environmental Social Governance (ESG)
Action Plans

We work with federal and provincial ministries to examine how ESG can be incorporated into major infrastructure projects, land use planning, and policy development. Using industry-recognized ESG standards, our Action Plans are built to minimize project risks while gaining local community and Indigenous support for government projects and policy decisions.

Grant & Proposal

We are experts at grant and proposal writing to help access federal and provincial funding programs. With a solid understanding of what funding agents want to see and a strong network within government funding agencies, we increase the chances of submitting a successful proposal.

Indigenous Relations Strategies

Our strong working relationships with Indigenous communities help Government Ministries establish winning strategies when working with Indigenous groups. Our emphasis on policy development, systems, capacity building, cultural awareness training, and business partnerships helps federal and provincial departments with UNDRIP and reconciliation when working with Indigenous communities.


We help government agencies advance local, provincial, and federal regulatory processes with a focus on environmental assessment, socio-economic reporting, traditional land use research, stakeholder engagement, and Indigenous relations support.

Stakeholder & Community Engagement

Our team works closely with project government bodies to develop, lead, and implement stakeholder and community engagement strategies. With an emphasis on genuine relationship-building with local stakeholders and communities, we help generate support for developments, minimizing the Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) risk for project owners and investors.

Working With Landmark Resource Management






Working With Landmark Resource Management

Expanding Our Influence

At Landmark, we are continually pushing the size and scope of our expertise across Canada. By forming partnerships with great communities, resource industry leaders, and all levels of government, we are quickly entering new market segments across the country.

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